Cove Run Farms
Corn Maze
Cove Run Farms is a 160 acre dairy farm nestled in a
beautiful cove right outside of Accident, Maryland. With
140 registered Holstein cows, 155 heifers and calves, a
miniature horse, dogs, cats, goats, and the Bender
family,  the farm tends to be a busy place. Bob and Alice
have been farming together since they got married in
1979.   They are the parents of five children:  Derrick,
Shawn, Nicole, Alecia and Logan.  They also have two
daughter-in-laws Cynthia and Sarah and a son-in-law
Brad, and they have 8 grandchildren. One grandson
Jairus and seven granddaughters: Annika, Eden, Brielle,
Bristol, Lydia, Brietta and Braelynn.

Although the farm can be very busy it is also a place to
relax and enjoy nature. With a beautiful view and a
pleasant breeze you can simply sit back and enjoy the
beautiful country.
Back Row: Derrick, Cynthia, Lydia, Bob, Alice, Alecia , Brad, Sarah, Bristol, Shawn, Brietta
Front Row: Annika, Logan, Jairus, Eden , Nicole, Brielle